Small Animal Cages

Melton Bunny 810 Hotel

CODE: 5035538001729

£89.99   £85.00
Great looking double story cage for small rabbits with white wire and blue base. Includes metal rack, wooden ladder and water bottle. Supplied flatpacked... More
850 points
9 points

Melton Bunny 100 Hotel

CODE: 5035538001712

£119.00   £109.00
2 storey 100cm rabbit cage with top and front openings supplied in black wire and blue base. Includes plastic feeder and water bottle. Comes flatpacked.... More
1090 points
11 points

Melton Leon Special Small Animal Cage


£119.99   £115.00
European made narrow bar spacing small animal cage from Skyline. Comes with blue wire and light blue base with all wooden accessories and a solid wheel.... More
1150 points
12 points

Melton Andy Super Small Animal Cage

CODE: MeltonSKY2917

£129.99   £120.00
From Skyline comes this European made top and side opening long and tall cage for small animals such as rabbits. Supplied with all wooden accessories shown... More
1200 points
12 points

Flight from Melton


£159.99   £139.99
Size: 77 x 52 x 158cm. Designed for chinchillas or small birds*. Bars have a 1/3” spacing. Has two lockable doors at the front. Accessories include... More
1400 points
14 points

Boston from Melton


Size: 75 x 54 x 158cm. Designed for Ferrets/Chinchillas*. Has one large door and one drop down door at the front. Accessories include wire platforms and... More
1400 points
14 points

Chinchilla 22 from Melton


Size: 55 x 42 x 141cm. Designed for chinchillas. Has one large door at the front. Accessories include wire platforms and ladders, grill, slide-out tray and... More
1400 points
14 points

Melton Greetham Black


£159.99   £150.00
Open top cage for small parrots with ½” bar spacing in  black . Size: 56 x 46½ x 163cm (22 x 18 x 64” approx). More
1500 points
15 points

Melton Bunny 5

CODE: 5035538600052

£189.99   £175.00
  Rabbit cage with integral stand from China. Accessories include platforms, ladders, litter tray, bottle and feeder. Boxed flatpacked in singles... More
1750 points
18 points

Chinchilla 102 from Melton

CODE: 4534

Size : 60 x 59 x 150cm. Designed for chinchillas or small birds*. Has two doors at the front. Accessories include metal platforms, wire ladders, plastic... More
1800 points
18 points

San Remo Critter

CODE: 1889

Suitable for chinchillas, ferrets and squirrels. Technical Specifications: Length 86cm Width 49cm Height 163cm Bar Spacing 1cm
1850 points
19 points